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Intellectual property rights (IPR) are an extremely important aspect of technology or product development. KBIC, in conjunction with our partner Patent Attorneys, offer a wide range of services to protect our customers' interests in a cost effective manner.

Our product focus is to ensure that new ideas are protected quickly and that proposed designs do not infringe existing IPR. On engineering and particularly microsystems projects we use KBIC expertise to guide our customers around competing patents.

More strategically KBIC offers an "IPR Health Check" to examine your complete IPR portfolio and compare this to your current business aims. In many cases companies continue to pay large renewal fees for IPR they no longer use, or for territories in which they no longer operate. Actual and beneficial ownership of licensed technologies are also examined to ensure that obligations have not become confused by changes of direction or company ownership. The output from the "IPR Health Check" is most commonly a Board level presentation containing firm recommendations on which IPR should be dropped and the identification of any major IPR gaps. Issues relating to historical licensing agreements and functional or organisational vulnerability are also addressed.

The cost of undertaking the "IPR Health Check" is almost always recovered by savings in the first year.